Interessante Artikel der letzten Tage

  • Video email: when to use it
    „A year ago you might have asked ‚can we put videos into emails?‘ Today, the question is more sophisticated: should we use video and, if we should, how? To provide some answers, I picked the brains of five video email experts representing a mix of technologies and perspectives.“
  • 5 Ways to Balance Email Campaigns
    „Good balance brings harmony to your life. When proper attention is given to both work and family, success and happiness abound. Without balance, structures crumble – work suffers – relationships falter. So do email marketing campaigns.“
  • I hate Twitter
    „There’s a million reasons to hate (or maybe even love) Twitter. But I have only one reason – for the most part, Twitter just doesn’t work for marketing. In fact, it’s an incredible time and resource suck. I’m amazed people dedicate any time and resources to it at all.“
  • Der richtige Anstrich – Farbwahl beeinflusst Response in E-Mails
    „Im E-Mailing repräsentieren die Farben den Charakter des Inhalts und entfalten eine bestimmte psychologische (‚unbewusste‘) oder symbolische (‚gelernte‘) Wirkung auf den Betrachter.“

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